Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Toronto Traffic

Okay – seriously. I have forgotten how bad Toronto traffic can be. We were so spoiled this summer in the South of France. There were virtually no cars on the road. It was great driving – with the exception of Chris aka The Husband – being the sole driver. I can’t drive standard. Bummer! Very hard to relinquish control.

But now we are back home and I’m in charge in the car. That’s right – I do ALL the driving. Don’t worry, I’m not emasculating The Husband. He is happy (okay somewhat happy) to sit in the passenger side of the car reading / writing on his Blackberry. The man has a serious addition those devices. It’s like crack for him!

Funny story Chris told me about his first experience back in an automatic car. He thought he was still driving stick and kept reaching for the clutch :)

It’s only August and traffic is nutty. I’m dreading when everyone is back to work and school starts up! Ugh! Deep Breaths – Deep Breaths.

France is full of round-abouts. When we were there this summer, I hated the round-abouts. I pretty much closed my eyes every time, or clenched my fists and teeth. But now I’m thinking that they are far more efficient. Traffic doesn’t have to come to a complete standstill at every bloody traffic light. There’s a lot of traffic lights in the T-Dot.

What do you think? Does traffic drive you nuts too? Maybe this is a sign I should get out and walk some more.

Things never change!

Simply Yours,



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Liquid Disaster

Sunday afternoon we came home from our weekend of camping / Try-A-Tri to discover that our basement had flooded. I’m talking the entire freakin’ basement. Toronto had some flash flooding / major storm. We got hit hard. So did our neighbours.

I told The Husband to throw the camping supplies in the driveway, I would take care of the unpacking and to haul ass to Home Depot to get a shop-vac.

Chris spent the next 8 HOURS trying to suck the water out of our finished basement carpet as I moved belongings out into the halls.

At one point I almost broke down crying. Chris is definitely my hero this week…serious brownie points for the guy. I gave up around 10pm and went to bed. He continued until midnight.

The scope of the job is just way too big for the two of us to handle on our own. We had to call in reinforcements. Looks like we are going through insurance on this bad boy! Sucks for us – not looking forward to paying, cough $3K cough, to fix this disaster…but what can you do. Major shout out to our incredible insurance agent over at State Farm. She was most helpful…even on a Sunday at 7:30pm. Now that’s what I call service.

On the bright – at least this didn’t happen when we were in France. Could you imagine?

Simply Yours,