Monday, August 4, 2014

New Wheels

I love my new bike.  It’s comfortable and fun to ride around town.  Originally I had ordered a bike on Amazon.  But it was taking forever to arrive.  They couldn’t guarantee that I’d have it for the summer.  So I cancelled my order and went out to Canadian Tire.

What a great steal.  They even assembled it for me.

I did purchase the cute basket on Amazon before I even had a bike.

Say hello to “Emily” the cat.  She’s our neighbourhood friend.  The Angels tell us all the time how much they want a pet.  We’ve told them to pretend Emily is ours.  She certainly spends an insane amount of time at our house.  She’s even tried a few times coming inside.  I must admit since the kids have been away the cat hasn’t come for a visit.  It must be the Angels.  She loves them!

New Wheels

New Wheels1

Forever21: Shirt, Shoes // Ardene: Hat, Shorts

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