Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Home Edition: Almost There

I promised some house updates, so here they are.  The kitchen is ready minus the countertop.  Not sure when exactly that’s going in.  Delayed – of course!

The exterior of the house is almost finished.  The garage and front doors still need to be painted.  The Husband hung up our new lights about a week or so ago. (Photos not included.)  They look awesome – although I could have probably bought bigger lights for above the garage doors.  Oh well – they still look WAY better than the brass that was there before.  We are still waiting on our new roof.

My parents came by and helped us dig up the backyard plants.  We have a pool going in and I wanted to save the plants so I can repurpose them.  I was so happy when they walked through our gate with shovels in hand.  I must look desperate when I chat with them on Skype, either that or exhausted.  Either way, I’m so lucky and thrilled they’ve been helping us.  Two properties to maintain is too much for this lady to handle.  I’m ready for ONE!

We move in about 2 weeks.  The count-down is on.

House Edition- Almost There

Home Edition - Almost There 1

Home Edition - Almost There2Simply Yours,

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