Friday, March 28, 2014


Happy Friday.  What’s doing this weekend?  I have a synchro competition on Sunday.  Not sure how ready we are, but we’ve got no choice.  We have to go out there and swim our best.  Good practice before the BIG competition at the end of July.

Have I mentioned my synchro team and I are competing in the FINA Masters Games this summer in Montreal?  The last one we competed in was held in Australia.  This time we get to stay more local and by local, I mean, no plane ride.

Anyhow, I’m dreaming of wearing spring coats and changing up the footwear.  I’m tired of my winter boots (which BTW need to go in the garbage).  I’m also tired of wearing my heavy winter coat which is in serious need of a cleaning.  I refuse to wash it until spring arrives.  Who else wants to protest clean coats?  Anyone with me?

See you Monday.  Thanks for the continued support.  Over and out!



Ardene: Scarf, Leggings // Dynamite: Bag // H&M: Hat // Forever21: Coat // Target: Booties

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