Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Florida Haul

We had 1 rainy day during our vacation in Florida.  It was the perfect day to venture out and go shopping.  Florida has ENDLESS shopping.

We agreed before our vacation to give each of the Angels $100 to spend on summer clothing.  We figure this is a good way for them to learn to manage money and pick out the clothing they like.  They had a blast and spent their money wisely.  Both the Angels LOVED Kmart.  They figured out pretty quickly that their dollar would go much further at a store like Kmart.   They walked away with multiple outfits each and 2 pairs of shoes each.

The Husband and I were so impressed with their choices.  We will do that again for sure. I think it’s safe to say my girls were born to shop :)

As for us, well we didn’t go crazy this year.  I’ve been in buying overdrive for the new house for a while now so I kept it pretty tame in Florida.  I walked away with some inexpensive panel curtains for the new place (enough to cover 4 windows).  I also bought a pair of needed pjs from Target.  I love pyjamas. I live in them.  It’s pretty normal to put them on right after dinner. (Side Note: Target in the States is far superior to the ones here.  Come on Canada – get with the program.)

I also splurged and bought each of us sandals from Crocs.  OMG I had no idea Crocs has so many awesome styles.  I easily could have bought 2 more pairs from the store but restrained myself.

The Husband did buy some electronics from Amazon and had them shipped up to my parents place in Ft.Myers.  We left with a Chromebook, a chrome cast and a bunch of other tech gadgets that mean nothing to me but everything to him.  Hey – we all have our vices.  He likes toys – I like clothes.

Below are samples (only samples) of what we came home with.  I couldn’t believe the number of outfits the Angels purchased for $100 each.  And yes, the Angels feet are almost the same size as mine.

Florida Haul

Angel #2 loves pink.  Can you tell?

Florida Haul1

Florida Haul2

Angel #1 gravitates towards blue and greens.

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