Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Home Edition: Interior Paint Palette

Thought I’d share the colours I’ve picked for the interior of our new house.  We’ve bought all the paint from Benjamin Moore.

Holy crap – it’s a lot of paint.  I’m happy I’m not the one painting for once.

I spent hours and hours deciding on these colours.  I’m so proud and I’m in love with my colour palette (which I picked all by myself).  The colours don’t translate that well on a computer monitor but trust me when I say they are beautiful.

I had originally planned for the main colour of our house to be in Revere Pewter.  But after talking with a designer at the Benjamin Moore store, I decided on Collingwood Gray.  I was told Revere Pewter can take on a green undertone depending on what it’s paired with.  I want to avoid GREEN.  Been there and done that!

I let the Angels pick the colours for their bedrooms (or at least I let them think they did).  Naturally Angel #2 went for pink.  No shocker there.  If I let the girls actually pick their colours, they’d pick the darkest, most dramatic of the bunch.  So I picked something that goes lovely with their new bedding and is in their colour choice, not shade.

What do you think?

House Paint Palette

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