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Royal Hideaway Playacar Review

Hello friends!  Did you have a nice weekend?  I’m home now and back to life as usual. The Angels have been both sick with colds & fevers.  I’m ready for winter and flu season to hit the road.

Thought I’d share my thoughts today about the resort the Husband and I went to called the Royal Hideaway Playacar in Mexico.

This resort is OUTSTANDING.  I’m a pretty picky person.  I can always find something wrong with a resort.  I’m hard pressed to find anything wrong with this place.  I’d have to really nit-pick to say something bad.  This resort is an all-inclusive adults only in the Mayan Riviera.  I believe children 16 and over can accompany their parents.  We met so many people who were repeat visitors.  I’m talking 4th or 5th time to the resort.  There is even a couple who have been travelling to this resort 48 times.  We were calling them celebrities. Crazy!

The resort is very small and sits on a beautiful stretch of beach with white sand.  You can spend at least an hour walking the beach.  In fact, we walked a few times down to Playa del Carmen where the boats dock and take visitors to Cozumel.  The ocean is aqua in colour.  There were a lot of waves if you like to body surf.  I’m not sure if this is all the time.  We were experiencing weird unseasonal weather (just as North America was experiencing the Polar Vortex).  I’d take Mexico weather any day :)

The first 3.5 days it rained.  I was getting sick of it.  But the last half of our vacation we had perfect weather.  I can’t blame the resort for that.  It’s out of everyone’s control.  Too bad, eh!?!

Royal Hideaway Playacar has INCREDIBLE dining.  We ate a la carte for almost every meal.  I think we only ate 4 breakfasts at the buffet.  All other meals were served to us. You could even have your lunch served to you pool side.  Later this week I will talk about each restaurant because the food was just that GOOD.  I’d even say some of the restaurants were on par with Toronto’s standard of fine dining.  Exceptional!

There is an infiniti pool that overlooks the beach and ocean.  You can sit on your lounge chair and watch the waves roll in.  Not only do the beach chairs come with a cushion, but they also have a terry cloth cover. Every morning towels are placed on the chairs for you. A private umbrella is shared between two chairs. Even the beach chairs have these private umbrellas that encase your lounge chair.  They are hard to describe but really neat and different.  We’ve never seen anything like them before.  Mid-morning a fruit cart comes around with skewered fresh fruit for the taking.

The pool bathrooms smell amazing.  No joke.  They must use Poo Pourri (if you don’t know what I’m talking about see this video.  It’s funny as hell).  No really, the bathrooms smell like cinnamon hearts.

One afternoon we were lucky enough to see a “synchro” cirque de soleil event performed in the pool.  It was impressive.  I was worried these ladies were going to hit the bottom of the pool after being launched up in the air.  I was in heaven watching the performance!

Every evening there was some form of entertainment.  One night we danced the night away with a Reggae band from Jamaica. The dance floor was hopping.  The next night a latino band played.  The Husband and I were in love with the International Duo.  These 2 men are from Argentina and sound beautiful.  The singer rivals John Mayer.  The Husband thinks he’s even better than Mayer.

This resort is not for the party crowd.  It’s a low key, low stress, quiet vacation.  If you need to get away, relax, eat great food and drink amazing cocktails, this is the place for you.  The clientele is older.  It’s definitely a couples resort.  There are not a lot of daytime activities either.  The pool staff however are a lot of fun.  They kept referring to the Husband as Superman.  I became Lois Lane.  Funny how this spread around the resort.

This place gets all the little details right.  There are robes and slippers in your room, down to q-tips and cotton balls.  I swear the maids sprayed my robe everyday with a flower scented spray.  The rooms also smelled amazing.  Every villa has a private concierge.  Marco was great.  He made all our dinner reservations. Every afternoon he’d address us by name as we were walking up to our room to remind us of that evening’s dinner location and time.

Every afternoon you can indulge in High Tea.  One really rainy afternoon we did!

All kinds of liquor are served at the bars, everything from low end to high end booze (Grey Goose & Belvedere Vodka – to name a couple).  I was so impressed with the selection of their stemware.  Makes me want to update mine.

At every a la carte dinner you are addressed by your last name.  There are 3 choices of red and white wine offered to you.  There are multiple courses to every meal and lots of choice.  There are gluten free options and the servers always ask if you suffer from any allergies.

Royal Hideaway Playacar exceeded our expectations.  The staff went above and beyond to ensure our stay was fantastic.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this place.

PS – We didn’t take a lot of photos of the resort.  They all start to look the same.  This resort is older but the grounds are well maintained.

Royal Hideaway2

Royal Hideaway3

Royal Hideaway1

Royal Hideaway

Royal Hideaway5

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Beth-Ann January 20, 2014 at 9:06 am

Sounds like a nice getaway from the “everyday”! Glad that the rain didn’t stick around – but the silver lining is rain WITHOUT kids!


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