Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Club Royale

In all the time the Husband and I have been going to resorts, never have we come across a dinner-theatre.  The Royal Hideaway Playacar does not disappoint.  Every Thursday and Saturday you can enjoy a show in the theatre while eating dinner.

I thought this was such a nice touch.  The Husband humoured me and agreed to see the show.  The meal wasn’t our favourite of the week.  It’s not that the quality was bad, it was just there was not much selection.  It felt sort of like attending a wedding where you get to choose between 2 main dishes.  Also the wine selection was limited (1 red or 1 white).  Take your pick.

The show was entertaining.  A live band played while dancers filled the stage.

I liked it.  I thought it was different and unexpected.  I’m game for a night at the theatre any time and in any city.

That concludes my review of the resort.  Hope you liked it.  Again, I’d recommend this place hands-down.

Club Royale

Club Royale1

Forever21: Dress, Belt // Ardene: Earrings // Walmart: Heels

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