Friday, December 20, 2013

Who Doesn’t?

Happy Friday friends. Who doesn’t go outside in the snow with bare, pasty white legs and in heels?  Seriously – doesn’t everyone!?! And – when did my legs start looking so long? Must be the heels :)

Almost time for Santa.  Not sure why I’m starting to get excited, I’m not getting anything.  I think I just get excited for the Angels.  They are insanely hyper at the moment.

Have a glorious weekend with family. The Angels are all done school now.  Yes – a break from the routine for a couple of weeks.  A much needed break.

I’m out.

Who Doesnt?

Who Doesn't1?

H&M: Skirt, Jacket // Ardene: Scarf // Forever21: Heels

Simply Yours,

Sign Off


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