Friday, December 27, 2013

Revlon ColorStay Foundation Review

Happy Friday!

I recently purchased the Revlon ColorStay Foundation from my local drugstore. I’m not normally a foundation kind of girl.  But I do have those days when I feel like I want jazz up my look.  I didn’t have any on hand so I decided to give Revlon’s a try.

First, I need to admit that I’m hopeless in the drugstore.  I must have stared at 5 different brands of foundation before choosing Revlon’s ColorStay.  Not to mention selecting a colour.  Good god!  I hate when you can’t sample the colour on your arm.  I was literally holding up bottles of foundation to my face trying to determine what colour works best for me. I finally settled on Revlon ColorStay for combination skin in the shade 150 Buff.

This shade is ok for me.  Just ok.  I think I’m in between shades.  I’m not as light as 150 Buff but the next shade up is too dark.  C’est la vie.  For now I’m just adding a lot of bronzer :)  I hear mixing shades can work too.  That may be my next step.

I have to say this product is really good.  I was initially scared thinking it would cake on my face or feel heavy.  It doesn’t at all.  It’s easy to blend.  It feels light weight while still providing good coverage.  It hides all my imperfections very well.

I think this foundation gives a nice flawless finish to the face.  I’ve worn it a few times and my skin didn’t getting shinny throughout the day.  Revlon’s ColorStay definitely has STAYING power.

I paired this foundation with the Revlon Translucent Photo Ready powder.  The two work well together.  I’ve been enjoying the powder on its own as well.  It helps take away the shine in my t-zone.

I’m no makeup expert but if you are looking to update your routine Revlon’s ColorStay is a good bang for your buck.  Especially if you get it on sale like I did.

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