Friday, October 11, 2013

Fancy Pants

Happy Friday.  It’s a long weekend in Canada.  The Thanksgiving long weekend as a matter of fact.  What are you all doing?  We’re spending it with family.  I’m hoping to get out golfing one last time this season.  I suck BTW, but love playing it.

I live in these pants.  They look and feel like a fancy PJ pant. They define cool to me. Yes they are trendy – but who cares.  I don’t give a rats ass. You get one kick at the can, folks. Make it count.

I may even start wearing these bad boys as actual PJ’s once I retire them from my wardrobe rotation.

Enjoy the weekend with your loved ones.  Be thankful for everything you have.  I know I feel blessed everyday.

I’m taking Monday off and unplugging entirely from the blog. I’m going to fully appreciate my turkey coma. Catch you again bright and early on Tuesday morning.

Dressed Up PJs

Dressed Up PJs1

Forever21: Shirt, Pants, Sunglasses // DSW: Pumps // Armani-Exchange: Blazer

Simply Yours,

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