Friday, October 25, 2013

Apple Picking

Happy Friday!  Big plans for the weekend?  We have a fall fair to attend for the Angels’ school.  I have to work 2 shifts to help support  and raise money for the school.  This is the Angels last fair in Toronto.  It’s huge in our neighbourhood.  The kids start talking about it during the first week of school – hyping it up, naturally.

This is the perfect outfit to go apple picking.  It’s layered, comfortable and fall appropriate.  We already went apple picking weeks ago near our new house.  We have a farm about 10 mins away.  Can’t wait.  It’s a small quick pick farm.  No big production – drive up and park.  Get out of your car, walk over to the trees and pick some apples.  Pay for said apples and drive home.  I’m sure we will be visiting this farm frequently during the September / October months.

We also have an apple tree in our backyard at the new place.  We will need to nurture it so we can actually eat the apples.  How awesome is that going to be?  Want a fresh apple pie for dinner?  I’ll just send my Angels outback to pick some fresh apples.  Works for me!

Enjoy the weekend.  Meet you back here Monday.

Apple Picking

Apple Picking1

Urban Planet: Boots // Citizens of Humanity: Pants // Forever21: Sweater // Joe Fresh: Shirt

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