Friday, September 20, 2013

Found It

Happy Friday!

I found it.  Not sure if you remember me talking about wanting a boyfriend cardigan for the fall!?!  I have been looking for a long time now and finally found one.

Guess where?  Target.  It’s perfect.  I’m in love.  I got it in the exact colour I’d been dreaming of.  It’s in an oatmeal / cream colour.  I bought it in size medium so that it’s not too snug and hangs longer than normal.

In case you are wondering, I paid $24.99 for it.  Not bad!

Thanks for stopping by.  Meet you here on Monday.

Found It

Found It1

Target: Cardigan, Necklace, Watch // Rich & Skinny: Jeans // Walmart: Purse // Payless: Shoes // Forever21: T-Shirt, Earrings, Sunglasses

Simply Yours,

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