Friday, September 13, 2013

Bad Hair

Happy Friday the 13th.  And, happy birthday to my brother.

Bad Hair – Cute Dress.  I am dressed from head to toe in Forever21.  I think I need to become a spokesperson for them :)

The time has come my friends.  I can no longer stand my hair.  I have a hair appointment scheduled this morning.  I’m chopping it off.

Let’s hope I don’t chicken out last minute and only get a trim.  No – I won’t.  I need a new look.  I need to stop wearing my hair back in a pony or bun.

It’s September – time for change.

Have a great weekend.  Next week I’ll be showing off my new do.  Hopefully there will be a smile on my face, and not tears running down my cheeks.

See you Monday.

Bad Hair

Bad Hair 1

Forever21: Heels, Blazer, Dress, Earrings

Simply Yours,

Sign Off


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