Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Calm Before the Storm

I wore this out to dinner the night Toronto had its biggest rainfall.  This was the Husband and my first date night of the week without kids.

I ended up swapping out my heels for rubber boots as we bailed out our basement in the pitch black. We narrowly escaped another basement flooding.  Sadly, our neighbours did not.

Seeing as we had no power, and our sump pump won’t work without it, the Husband started knocking on neighbours doors (some houses had power).

As I was gathering up all of our extension cords, the Husband managed to score us some power for the night so we could operate our pump and overt a basement disaster.

Some date night.  It could have been worse.  Besides, I loved what I was wearing :)






Forever21: Jeans, Bracelet, Earrings // Urban Planet: Top, Necklace // DSW: Pumps // Target: Watch

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