Tuesday, July 9, 2013


No – I’m not going to Bermuda. Did I have you fooled?

Today I’m rockin’ the Bermuda short (and some nautical styles). I’ve had these shorts since the birth of Angel #1. I think they’ve stayed so white because I don’t wear them all that often. I’m thinking I should, you? I’m always to reluctant to wear true white on my lower half as if I’m spontaneously going to start my period. Weird, right!?! I remember this happening to a girl in high school. I was so embarrassed for her. Now, clearly, I have issues. Don’t judge:)

How do you feel about the length of the shorts? Girls these days wear the shortest of shorts, seriously, they ride up asses. I guess if I was 16 again, I would do it too.

Enjoy the day!



Ardene: Belts, Sunglasses // Target: Sandals // H&M: Shorts // Joe Fresh: Shirt

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