Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mother & Daughter Day

The Husband was away a couple of weekends ago holding a seminar.  So that meant the Angels and I had girlie time together.  I wish I could say it was a blast.  Some of it was…but shopping with Angel #2 – not so much fun.

Angel #1 has been going through a growth spurt.  She needed new shoes and boots. I took the Angels over to Target. Angel #1 found a great pair of running shoes.  Done!

Well, Angel #2 had a complete melt down.  She did not understand why she wasn’t getting any new shoes.  Try explaining to a 6 year that she gets all the hand-me-downs from her big sister.  It didn’t go over too well.

As a last resort, I bribed the Angels.  Yes – I do it!  I agreed to take them out to a restaurant (which we rarely do with them) for lunch if they behaved.

Lunch was great.  We dined and chatted.  The Angels fought with their feet under the table.

It was a typical mother and daughter outing:)  I hope to have many more before they become teenagers and won’t want to be seen with me.  It’s coming – I know it is.

BTW – This is what I wore out on our adventures.  Angel #1 is becoming quite the photographer.



Forever21: Sunglasses, Blouse, Knee Socks, Earrings // Joe Fresh: Pants // Hunter: Boots // H&M: Jacket // Target: Watch

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