Monday, April 1, 2013

DIY: Hair Mask

Did you have a nice holiday weekend?  Happy to see you back.

I stumbled on this awesome do it yourself hair mask recipe.  I love that the ingredients can be found in your kitchen and they are not harmful.

I’ve been really going to great lengths these past few weeks reading labels and the list of ingredients in products.  I have to say, it’s overwhelming.  Half the stuff I’ve never even heard of or can’t even pronounce.  It’s scary really.  That said, I probably shouldn’t be using a lot of the products I already do.

So why not try this easy hair mask that’s all natural, right!?!

You will need a blender, or hand-blender, an avocado, some vitamin E oil (or puncture a capsule), and olive oil.  That’s it.  Three ingredients blended together and then rub it into the ends of your hair, and then put plastic wrap around it.  Wait 15 mins and then wash your hair as normal.

Who’s with me?  Anyone else willing to give this a try?


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