Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pool Style

The Husband and I couldn’t apply enough sunscreen on this vacation.  I brought an SPF 30 away with us and it wasn’t strong enough.  The first 2 days all of us got a sunburn, except Angel #1.  I was coating us in the stuff.  The Husband thought maybe our bottle was a dud and didn’t mix properly at the manufacturing site or had expired.

Luckily I had a spare bottle we switched to and that seemed to help.  I didn’t want us coming back looking like lobsters.  So bad!  I also had this great cover-up to put on when I felt I’d had enough sun.

Tip: Check the date on any sunscreen you buy before going away.

Pool Style1

Pool Style

Pool Style2

Forever21: Cover-up, Hat // Havaianas: Sandals // Bikini Village: Bikini

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