Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day Haul

Happy Valentine’s Day.  This is a special day for the Husband and I.  Today marks 17 years together.  SEVENTEEN.  I’m shocked every time I say it.  It makes me feel old.

How can I possibly have been with him for 17 years when in my mind I’m still a teenager!?!  Okay – 29.  Seventeen years ago the Husband and I became an official couple. Relationships are a lot of work…but they are worth it.

I went ahead and did some pre-Valentine’s Day shopping for the Husband.  I like to take the guess work out of it for him.   Not only did I buy for me, but I bought for the Angels and the Husband.

Can  you guess where I shopped?  Wow – you are too good.  Forever21.

This haul was mainly for accessories and under-garments.  I thought it was high time I get some new bras.  It’s pretty pathetic when my teenage cousin has nicer bras than me. I normally buy my lingerie from Victoria Secret.  However, I decided to try out Forever21 this time.

So.Glad.I.Did.  I love their bras.  Not only do I love the price tag at $9.80 but I love the cut and style.  I’m not sure how long they will last but I don’t care.  I’m lucky that I can get away with shopping for cheap bras.  I don’t need  a lot of support.  Translation – I have no boobs :)  But with these bras – it looks like I do.  Sweet!

I also purchased these nail stickers.  They were seriously cheap.  Unfortunately, they didn’t last very long on me.  I’m not going to blame the product.  In this case, it’s the consumer’s fault.  I suck at applying them.

The lipgloss I wouldn’t purchase again.  In my opinion, it doesn’t even show up on my lips.

Do you have special plans lined up tonight?  I’m secretly hoping for a crazy romantic dinner once the kids are in bed.  But I’m not holding my breath.  Sigh!

Valentine's Haul

Simply Yours,

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