Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Curls & Cable Knits

It was mega freezing outside the day this photo was taken.  I didn’t want to make the Husband suffer, so we stayed indoors to shoot this look.

There’s nothing really special about this outfit.  I just loved how my hair looked on this day.  I practiced curling my hair with a flat iron.  It was a success.  Unfortunately, I only managed to do a bang up job on one side of my head.  I’m awkward that way.  As soon as I have to shift sides / hands, it throws me off.  I’m going to have to keep practicing.

I didn’t mind wearing this old cowl neck cable knit poncho in the house.  It was one of those minus 1000 days where it was hard to stay warm.

The weather is all over the place.  It’s no wonder we always have to check the weather network.

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Curls&Cable Knits1

Joe Fresh: Pants // H&M: Poncho

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