Thursday, January 10, 2013

These Boots Were Made For Walking

I scored the cutest boots from Ardene for $10. No joke. I paid $10 for these bad boys and I think they are perfect Ugg dupe. I don’t own real Uggs. I have no doubt they are comfortable. I just don’t like the price tag.

Angel # 1 wants to own a pair of Uggs. I guess I’m a mean mom. There’s no way in hell I’m spending $100 on a pair of shoes for my daughter who’s feet grow every 3 months. My bank account can’t handle it.

So I found these great lookalikes. I brought mine home and Angel #1 tried them on. She fell in love. She says, “Mom, my feet are the same size as yours. And, I’m 8″. They aren’t really the same size yet but they are close. Real close. Next she will be borrowing my clothes :)


Anyhow, I went out and bought her a pair. Ardene has great (all the time) sales where you can buy 1 item for $18.99 like the boots, or get 2 for $20. So it’s really a no brainer. As you can see, I bought 2 for $20.

Win-Win. I’m happy. Angel #1 is happy. My bank account is happy. Now we have to make sure we don’t wear them on the same day which will inevitably happen.

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