Monday, January 14, 2013

My Disney on Instagram

Happy Monday! So it’s official, I’m hooked on Instagram. I love being able to snap a quick photo from my new iPod (got for Christmas from the Husband), edit it and send it on the fly. So much fun! I couldn’t get enough of this in Florida.

Disney was a blast. I do feel like I need a vacation from my vacation though. Don’t expect a trip to Disney to be restful. The parks were packed with people. We had huge line-ups, wait time, and serious amounts of walking. All things considered, everyone had a magical time.

The Angels were starstruck every time they saw a princess or character. I bought them autograph books beforehand so they could collect signatures. They got such a kick out of it. They both can’t wait to make scrapbooks from their adventures.

We had a ton of fun on all the rides. I chickened out of Tower of Terror and Aerosmith Roller coaster at Hollywood Studios. Not the Angels. The Husband dragged them on everything. Angel #1 was down with it. Angel #2 was scared SH#Tless. She sucked it up anyway for fear that she might be missing out.

I managed to get my ass on Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom. Angel #2 would only do it if I came. I had to muster up the courage and getter done. I screamed so loud.


The best part for me was when I tortured the Angels on the Dinosaur ride. I didn’t tell them it was dark & scary. Neither one knew what to expect. Needless to say, they both walked off the ride bawling their eyes out. I proceeded to tell them that ride is for parents to take their kids on when they are being bad. Tee-hee. They weren’t laughing.

I was most impressed by my Dad. He actually went on rides. This was a HUGE step for him – not any roller coasters, but almost everything else. I think the grandchildren are a good influence on him. They are getting him to step outside his comfort zone.

Both my parents were incredibly patient on this busy vacation. They were generous to take us to Florida. They never once complained about being tired and they kept up at my INSANE pace. Love you guys!

We all have memories to last a lifetime.

Simply Yours,

Sign Off

PS – If you need any planning tips while at Disney, let me know. I learned a lot.


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