Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gold Details

Please ignore the crappy lighting in this photo.  The Husband has purchased new lighting for his job and we are playing around with it.  We’re trying to get used to setting it up and softening it with parchment paper.

With winter here, it’s going to be harder and harder to take outdoor photos.  The lighting is always best with outdoor photos.  I want to keep up with look posts so be patient while we, as in me and my husband / pretend photographer, figure things out.  I promise the lighting will come, we just need to practice.

Can I please get a hell yeah on this top? Seriously, I have so much love for this top. I just love the studded shoulder detailing. You be the judge.



Forever21: Shirt, Gold Bracelet // Rich & Skinny: Jeans // Payless: Boots // Ardene: Earrings, Black Bracelets

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