Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Florida Haul

Shopping in the States is awesome. I can’t get over how cheap things are. I mean when a store has a sale, it has a SALE. I didn’t go as crazy this year. I was more reasonable with my shopping. But I had a great time visiting 2 highly recommended Premium Outlet Malls in Orlando.

I bought stuff for the Husband (new jeans, top). The Angels got a plenty. I couldn’t believe how much everything was marked down at the Gap. The stores were looking to clear inventory and fast. We stepped up. I was buying kids’ pants between $6-$8 a piece.

I did do some shopping for myself. Although, I’m still kicking my butt for not buying anything at the Coach outlet. They were practically giving away their stock. Okay – not really, but for Coach prices, they were. My mom walked away a very happy lady. She didn’t over analyze her purchases like I did.

I visited J Crew. I could live in their catalogue. I love their stuff. I just hate the pricing. Even the outlet store was not marked down that much. So I walked away empty handed. Oh well! In another life…

I fell in love with this store called Love Culture. We don’t have this in Canada (or at least not to my knowledge). It’s kind of like a Forever21, or Urban Planet. It has super stylish clothing at affordable prices. Meet my new purchases….




I also bought these awesome pair of yoga pants from the Gap. I had no idea they carried yoga wear. They were a steal at $12. I also stopped by Lululemon and bought a new red workout top for $29. In Canada, this would have cost me $60.

I hit up Target. I didn’t find a lot there. The store was picked through and the shelves had not really been restocked from Christmas. I did find these cute earrings for $7.


I also bought some cosmetics and the like from CVS & Walgreens. I paid $5.50 for 2 dry shampoos (Dove & Sauve). Get ready for the battle of dry shampoos. I can’t wait to compare them to Batiste.


That’s about it. Happy girl! Thanks for reading.

Simply Yours,

Sign Off

PS – Angel #2 is now always asking for her photo to be taken. She asks for a “whole-body shot”. I think I have a mini-me.


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