Thursday, December 27, 2012

Forever 21 Haul

Just before the holidays I was sure to stock up on some new Forever 21 pieces. I like to help the Husband out like that :)

In addition to the latest buys below, I also purchased a studded belt and knit tights. The tights were $10 a piece. I bought a cream and a black pair. They are both so LONG. No joke. The black pair are almost as long as I am (5 feet). It’s too much of a hassle to return them, so I will attempt to shrink them in the dryer. Otherwise I will be rolling them down to my waist.

F21 Haul Dec

Simply Yours,

Sign Off

PS – I’m now set up with Instagram. I’m late to the game, I know, but at least I arrived. Very addictive. I can be found at SimplyVaness.


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