Thursday, December 20, 2012

Working Your Curves

I had a request the other day from a reader who wants to know how to dress a curvaceous body. She’s looking for affordable clothing that is not only stylish but flatters her figure. I thought this was a perfect blog post idea. Thank You!

First and foremost, I have to preface this post in saying I am no fashion expert. I just like clothes. I’m a visual person. I’m drawn to colours, glitter and all things pretty. That said, I have my own opinions on fashion and what I think works and doesn’t. I’ve put together some basic tips you can use when selecting a wardrobe to work curves and or a voluptuous body to your advantage. I’ve also put together some outfit ideas for fun. They really work with any age group. I hope you like them.

Patterns: Always make sure your patterned clothing doesn’t highlight your trouble areas. I would avoid horizontal stripes as they may make you look wider. However, stripes on a diagonal can work.

Solid Colours, preferably dark colours, work wonders on a curvy woman.

Jeans: Straight leg pants with a subtle flare at the bottom will help to elongate your figure and contour your curves. I would avoid flap pockets and heavy embellishments on the rear end. Unless of course you are looking to make your butt appear more lifted.

Curves B

Leggings: Black leggings help to make your legs look more slender. Make sure to wear with long tops, sweaters, tunics, etc…

Curves C

V shaped Sweaters: These are great for large busted women. They help to length the neck and take the focus away from your breasts. That said, you can wear scoop neck sweaters over something and leave it un-buttoned. Avoid wearing tight fitting tops (even keep a camisole loose fitting.) You don’t want things popping and poking where they shouldn’t :)

Skirts: A-line and flared skirts work best on curvy women ending just above or just under the knee.

Curves A

Avoid Bulk: Layering is okay as long as they are thin layers. You want to avoid big and thick sweaters, etc… This will only make you look bigger.

Dresses: A dress with a belt helps to show off your waistline.

Curves D

Shoes: A heeled shoe always helps to make a figure more slender and long.

Accessories: These are your best friend. You can always dazzle the crowd with a beautiful piece of jewelry (costume or otherwise) or by wearing scarves. Scarves can add a hit of colour to any outfit, they also add great dimension.

Again, these are just tips. I really feel there are no hard and fast rules to fashion. I think you need to be comfortable wearing your clothes. If you exude confidence, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing. Confidence will always shine through.

Keep the questions coming. I love hearing from you!

Simply Yours,


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