Friday, November 16, 2012

N’awlins Recap

Happy to be home from New Orleans but had a FANTASTIC trip. We went away for a short 4 day trip with 3 other couples. We rented a house in Mid-City. Cute house but we later found out we were staying in a rough area. We were strongly advised not to walk around late at night.

Funny thing, this neighbourhood (other than the creepy boarded up houses) seemed fine. The restaurants were great. The people were so friendly. To be safe, we took cabs A LOT.

The house was restored after Hurricane Katrina. The owners did a lovely job. Unfortunately, we were stuck on the pull-out couch at the front door. I didn’t sleep much. Especially with this ugly doll looking down at us.

The food in N’awlins is amazing. So yummy. Almost everywhere we ate (with the exception of 1 meal I didn’t like) were awesome. We had dinner one night at NOLA. I’d highly recommend it. Eating there is like a party in your mouth. Loved the food, the service and the ambience.

One night we went to a burlesque show. So fun – so different. I think the highlight for me was having James Franco sitting in front of us. I think I probably spent more time watching his behaviour than the tassles on the ladies. I couldn’t stop staring. I’m not sure why. He’s just a person. He doesn’t glow or perform tricks. I was mesmerized none-the-less.

We walked along Magazine Street to see all the antique shops. We hit up the Garden District. So many beautiful homes in this area. We also walked around the Lafayette Cemetery. Kinda creepy. I’m not a fan of dead people, just sayin’. Later that day we stopped in at a local pub where the boys enjoyed TOO many beers for $3 a piece. We missed our bus about 10 times because they had to keep going to the loo. I had to instate a no pee rule so we could get home :)

We spent a day walking around the French Quarter, looking at the buskers, the shops, eating at Cafe du Monde (no big deal there). We hit up Bourbon Street one night. Lots of drunk people. I almost got hit in the head with beads. No I did not flash my bits :)

One night we went to Frenchmen Street. Loved it there. Very artsy. Great music, tons of live bands.

I think the highlight for me was going on a swamp tour. I felt like I was in an episode of True Blood. We took a high speed airboat in the Bayou. We nearly died after our driver hit 2 (NOT 1) but 2 trees. I think I crapped my pants. It was very freaky. We managed to see some alligator. Not a ton because it was raining, but a couple.

The trip was a ton of fun with awesome friends. It’s so fun to travel with people. I did need to sleep for the next week. I partied so hard. Three and 4 am nights – let’s just say – I’m getting too old for them.

So where are we going next, my travel crew?

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Beth-Anne November 16, 2012 at 4:52 pm

I went to N’awlins back in May for Jazz fest. I was actually disappointed :( I did have some great meals though and I agree, the swamp tour was a definite highlight!


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