Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mommy & Daughter Milestones

I can’t get over how quickly kids grow up. When they are babies all you think about is a good night’s rest. You can’t imagine life without diapers. In fact, you might even want the years to go by quickly. I know those thoughts certainly crossed my mind on several occasions, especially when baby was crying and I couldn’t get her to stop.

Now though, now I just want to freeze time. Angel #1 is growing up so beautifully before my very eyes. I don’t want the years to speed up. If they do, that means I’m back to sleepless nights when she’s out with friends, or god forbid, on a date.

I can’t get over how responsible Angel #1 is. She makes her bed everyday, clears the table, and gets herself dressed. She’s even remembering what homework is due and when. I’m shocked.

The other day she came home with an award from her teacher acknowledging her “clean desk”. My anal clean-freak tendencies must be rubbing off on her.

Her marks in school (so far) look promising. She has surrounded herself with great friends, whom she adores. I’ve even agreed to let her have a sleepover birthday party. This is her very first. Mine too! I’ll let you know how that one goes :)

The Husband and I took a big step the other week at the school’s fall fair. We let Angel #1 go off on her own with her friends to explore the fair. She was given her tickets and had to be responsible for them. She wore her watch and had a meeting time to come and see us.

Both the Husband and I smiled big when she walked out onto the school steps right at 2pm. We were so very proud. I could also tell that she was very pleased with herself for tackling the fair without Mom and Dad. This was a big step for all of us. (FYI – Angel #1 spent most of her time in the tea room, eating cupcakes :) )

This isn’t the first milestone for us and it won’t be the last. But I have to cherish every one because before you know it, she’ll be off and living on her own. My heart sinks – I need to stop time.

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