Friday, November 23, 2012


I bought this cheetah jacket in New Orleans. It’s from a boutique shop called Trashy Diva. They have beautiful vintage inspired stuff.

All clothing is made by local designers. The clothing is well crafted. The texture of the material is to die for.

I love the cut of this blazer. It’s perfect.

I did step outside of my budget comfort zone on this one. In fact, I walked around the store while my friend was dress shopping with the jacket on for quite some time. I was trying to justify spending the money on it.

Before I bought my blazer, I actually convinced another shopper from Germany to buy it. She went home with it as well. Then, I tried to negotiate a commission / discount for my jacket. No luck :)

I think this is a timeless piece to add to my closet. It looks nice with almost everything. It definitely is bold in colour and pattern. The blazer on its own is the wow factor. You don’t need much else when you are wearing this one!


PS – My parents are celebrating 40 years of marriage this weekend. Quite the milestone. So happy for them!

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