Thursday, November 15, 2012

It’s Just A Phase

While I’m loving how sweet Angel # 1 is these days, I’m hating on Angel # 2′s behaviour. Angel # 2 and I are battling it out EVERY day. She has such a strong personality. And while I love her spunk, I’m seriously hating her attitude. The child has turned into the devil once again. She’s unbelievably mouthy.

Ever had a bar of soap in your mouth for talking back? I did 2 times as a kid. It’s completely harmless and sends a message. Let’s just say SOAP is on my radar. I haven’t yet – but – never say never.

Angel # 2 is sharp as a whip. No joke. She gets jokes that are way beyond her years. She is sarcastic as hell. Right now, I’m struggling to keep up with her.

Lately though TANTRUMS have been big with her. She’s been throwing crazy fits when she doesn’t get want she wants. She says really nasty things, like “Oh yeah, well I’m just going to hit you in the face”. Say what?

For some reason Angel # 2 wants MOMMY to do everything. She goes mental if I’m not available to help her or take her somewhere. It has to be me ALL THE TIME.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my child. She’s just going through a phase (I hope). So why is it that when one child is behaving well the other has to be a little SH&T? I know it is for attention. I just hate that it’s for the wrong kind of attention.

Ugh – parenting is so bloody hard. The hardest part is not behaving like a child yourself in response to the bad behaviour. Give me strength!

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Beth-Anne November 16, 2012 at 4:53 pm

Yup! I hear ya! We have the same thing over here. Some serious ‘tude! Even though I know it’s for attention to test the limits, I still find it exasperating. Why or why when one is acting an angel the other is the devil??? Serenity now!!! :)


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