Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Great Steals for Under $30

I just scored some awesome clothing from….Forever21. I haven’t bought anything for a couple of months (since August). So I needed a fix :)

Here’s what I got for under $30. I love – you?

Heart sweaters are all the rage this fall. With all the rain we’ve been getting, I’ve been cycling through my sweater stash. I love the hearts on this baby. So sweet.

I have been wanting a sequinned skirt since last winter. I finally decided it was a MUST for this year. I will likely tone this outfit down for a more casual look on a regular basis, maybe paired with a denim shirt. I also plan on wearing this during the holidays. Don’t worry – I won’t be picking up the kids from school wearing this gem.

A detailed collared top – again all the rage. I suppose I could do my own DIY but I decided this sequinned colour blouse was far too pretty to pass up.

I want to re-create this look from head to toe. Love it. So naturally I bought the sweater. I think it will pair beautifully with my sequinned collar top above. And, I’ve got the goods to do it. You?

BTW – Do you think I should give myself a monthly budget of $60 to go out, find awesome fashion deals and recreate looks at an affordable price? I’ve been thinking this could be a fun challenge.

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