Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Workout Wednesday: Music Volume

It’s time for Workout Wednesday. I feel like some 80′s fitness personality on some cheesy workout show when I write that. Anyhow, seeing as yesterday I talked about my hearing loss, I thought it might be worth exploring the importance of taking good care of our ears.

I bet all of you listen to music when you workout, right? I know I do. It’s a motivator and distractor. Somehow music makes the body move, and feel great.

Did you know that wearing earbuds for long periods of time is REALLY bad? The doctor told me at my last appointment. She says she is seeing more and more patients in their 20′s with ear problems. This relates in large part to the damn headphones. (Note: I wear mine all the time, especially when I’m practicing new choreography – oops.)

As fitness instructors, we are told to take care of our voice. We need it to teach an effective workout. We are given tips to prevent voice damage. But what about ear damage? We play music ALL the time in our classes. Some members love the volume super high.

Experts argue that when the music volume reaches 90 decibels, you are at risk of damaging your hearing. Just something for you to consider the next time you are cranking the tunes.

Here are some tips to keep your ears in tip top shape.

  • Don’t stand directly near a speaker at the gym.
  • Avoid wearing earbuds for long periods of time.
  • Keep the volume at a respectable level.

Be safe, stay healthy and have fun!

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