Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Greatest Lunch Box

I love this lunch box. I stumbled across this website one day while reading a blog I follow. This is a must have.

I love the look, design and functionality of this lunch box. It is super sleek and thin. It’s perfect for families with picky eaters. Not my children, of course :)

The only problem (and it’s a big one) that I have with this lunch box is the PRICE. WTF? They can’t be serious. Really!?!

The kits range from $49 US to $79 US. Cough! Oh and tack on shipping to that. Who would pay this for a LUNCH BOX people?

My Angels love their food separated. I call it de-constructed meals. Their lunch boxes are filled with so many different containers. And, it looks like they will continue to be.

At that price point, the greatest lunch box EVER will sadly not be mine. Now – if they wanted to ship one to me for review, I’d be more than willing to help out :)

Check out their site www.planetbox.com and tell me what you think. Is this not so cool?

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