Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ottawa Recap

Two weeks ago, the Husband and I spent a weekend sans kids in Ottawa, Ontario – click here for a refresher. We drove down on a Friday afternoon in bloody rain. The ride was ridiculously long, over 5 hours when it should only take 4, tops.

We checked in to our cute hotel downtown. We got dressed up and went for drinks in the Byward Market area. Then we headed to an AMAZING restaurant for dinner called, E18ghteen. I would highly recommend it. A tres chic and expensive fine dining experience.

The Husband and I ordered a bottle of wine off the menu from the Languedoc region. We are always feeling nostalgic of our time spent in France. The bottle cost a small fortune in Ontario. Last summer in France, this bottle would have been dirt cheap. Oh well! We enjoyed it nevertheless.

At one point during dinner, our server came over to me to say that she and the wait staff were talking. They all thought I looked like Kristen Bell. She asked me if I ever get told this. To which I replied, no. I usually get the “you look like Reese Witherspoon”. So I guess I got to be a celebrity for the night – no discounts on dinner though :)

The waitress handed me a piece of paper before we left. It had a website link to check out. Apparently, I look like Kristen Bell in this Youtube video – inset below. Watch it – it’s funny :)

We later walked around and found the spot where we had our first date. Sadly it no longer exists. It’s now a restaurant.

Next we headed to a bar where I was told I didn’t look like I was from around Ottawa, that I must be American and that I am too prim & proper to hang out in that bar. Okay!

The next day we met up with friends. I was nursing a hangover. We all hung out and bar hopped that evening. All the guys really wanted to do, was to go back to our friend’s hotel (different from us) and ride the elevator. Apparently the elevator was so small, they wanted to see if 7 people could actually fit. Boys!

Sunday morning rolled around too quickly. We were scheduled for the Army Run – the whole point in going to Ottawa. And, I totally BAILED. That’s right. I was supposed to run 5K. My knees were SO BAD I knew I had to make a choice. Run the 5K now or not and be able to teach the next morning. I opted out of the run.

So disappointed with myself. I’m crazy competitive and wanted to be able to say I did it. Oh well – J. ran with my name tag on (they gave her the wrong tag). She did very well for her first 5K run. She did my name proud. I don’t think I would have had as good of a time as she did. Way to go!

Yes – it’s true, I’m a wuss. Ottawa was fun – and – I can always run it next year. Until then, I must fix my knees.

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