Thursday, October 18, 2012

One In Every Colour

Obsessed much? I must be. I was looking through my drawers the other day. This is how a blog post is inspired people, looking through drawers :) I’ve accumulated so MANY pairs of pants. And not just pants but coloured ones.

One pair of pants for every colour in the rainbow, I tell you. Fortunately for the Husband, I am frugal so my pants haven’t broke the bank.

I really hope this coloured pant trend lasts for a long while. I certainly don’t need to be adding anymore to my wardrobe :)

The red & beige pants are from Forever21 – no surprise there. They ran me no more than $20 each. The cobalt blue skinny jeans are from American Eagle. These were the most expensive ones, ringing in at $50. The burgundy jeggings are from Joe Fresh (love these) – $19. The pinkish boyfriend jeans are from Old Navy (hate the fit of these BTW). I think I paid $22. And finally, the green skinny jeans are from Urban Planet. I’m pretty sure these bad boys cost me a whopping $16.

Am I crazy? Don’t answer that – rhetorical question. I must be. Who in their right mind needs this many pairs of pants. My coloured pants are NOW in serious rotation.

Are you still rocking the coloured jeans? Are you tired of this trend?


And in case you care, this doesn’t even include any of my jeans, cargo pants or stretch pants. Good god, I need help :)

Simply Yours,


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