Monday, October 29, 2012

Look of the Week

Hello again Monday. Sad the weekend is over? Me too! Busy week for me. Hallowe’en on Wednesday. Then Thursday, the Husband and I head to New Orleans for a 4 day getaway with friends. So much to do and as always so little time.

I leave you with this week’s look.

Yeehaw. I look like I’m going to a farm or plan on riding a horse. But I love the look just the same.

I’m wearing my Rich & Skinny jeans. An old H&M plaid shirt paired with my mint green Forever21 sweater. Funny story – Angel # 2 was putting fingers through the holes in my sweater. I asked her to stop saying she was going to make holes in my sweater. She responds, “Mom, there’s already holes in your sweater”. What I meant to say was, “You will make the holes bigger” :)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my riding boots. I paid a pretty penny for them. I plan on wearing the crap out of them. Not to be confused with stepping in crap.

What do you think?

Simply Yours,


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