Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

I feel like I’m living in a cell phone commercial these days. I feel like people are having to repeat themselves over and over to me because I CAN’T HEAR. Yes that’s right. I have hearing loss in my right ear.

How did I figure this out? It started about a year ago and has been deteriorating ever since. The Husband actually gets credit for noticing it first. He honestly thought that I was ignoring him at night once my head hit the pillow. I wasn’t – I only ignore him sometimes :)

Anyhow, when my left ear hits the pillow, ALL sound is muffled. I might as well not be hearing a damn thing. Initially, I tried to convince him it was our pillows (memory foam / very dense). Not so much!

I went for my annual physical and made mention of my hearing loss to the doctor. I really just thought I had an insane wax buildup. Gross! No seriously, I was really hoping that was all it was. She immediately told me that I had to get a hearing test done. FRACK!

So I reluctantly made an appointment for a hearing test. Totally sucks too because there was a really cute, young doctor performing it. So embarrassing. Anyhow, it has been determined that my nerves are all fine and dandy, there’s no wax buildup. Something is happening WAY inside the ear. That’s about as technical as I get :)

I was then referred to an Ear, Throat, Nose Specialist. Let me tell you, that doctor just looked at me briefly and asked some questions. I want that job :) Next thing you know, she’s telling me I may have to go in for surgery or wear a hearing aid.

Ah what?

She insisted that I get a CT Scan done to see what’s happening inside my ear. So now I’m scheduled to have this scan. Who knows what they are going to find out?

Is it wrong that I just want to plead ignorance in the matter? The hearing loss doesn’t really bother me. It seems to be annoying everyone else.

My parents & my bestie all say I have to go and get it taken care of. They made a good point in saying my hearing in the other ear my get bad too.

That’s about it folks. Who knows what’s in my future? I will just keep keepin’ on.

Simply Yours,


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