Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Favourites: Thirteen Reasons Why

Happy Friday. Here is today’s favourite. Remember I DO READ…Have you read Thirteen Reasons Why? It’s a young adult fiction book written by Jay Asher. For some reason lately I’ve been on a real YA kick. I can’t seem to get enough of reading young adult books after my Hunger Games satisfaction.

The novel centres around Clay Jensen. He’s a shy high-school boy who has a crush on a girl who commits suicide. Heavy topic – yes. But the book tells the girl’s story through a series of audio cassette tapes. There are 13 tapes. Each tape introduces us to a new character who played apart of her reasoning for taking her own life.

The story unfolds beautifully. It’s compelling. It has great pacing. It also gives us a glimpse into teenage life, and how what one does to another has a huge impact.

A movie is also set to be made. I’d recommend this quick and entertaining read.

Enjoy the weekend – see you Monday!

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