Thursday, September 27, 2012

Earring DIY

I love costume jewelry. All kinds of it. I especially love buying costume jewelry from Forever21. They have trendy stuff that is affordable. I recently purchased these drop down earrings from F21.

One downside to shopping online at F21 is that you have no idea the feel of the product or the weight of the jewelry. Needless to say these beauties came in the mail. Sadly, they felt so heavy on my ears. I can’t stand wearing earrings that hang so low and pull my earlobes down. I feel like they’re going to rip or something.

I can’t really complain as I spent less than $8 on them. So I decided it was worth trying my very own DIY. I figured if I botched them, no biggie. I didn’t spend a lot.

Using needle nose-pliers, I carefully removed the bottom teardrop from each earring. Voila – I have a new pair of less heavy earrings.

Next I tried my hand at making an additional pair using the removed teardrops. This is where I had to get crafty :) I actually stole some supplies from Angel #1′s jewelry making kit. It’s all good – she’ll never know. Voila – another pair of earrings.

How great is that? Two for the price of one. I love a good deal!

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