Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wine Winner

I like wine. Like, I really like wine. In the summer, I tend to gravitate more towards a chilled white wine. Chardonnay is my white of choice. I love Oyster Bay…but it’s really too rich for my bank account at $18 a bottle. So – I’ve been avoiding the white.

In the winter months,however, I only drink red wine. Lately though I’ve been craving it.

The Husband and I are always on the hunt for inexpensive wines at the liquor store. [For those who don't know, in Ontario, we have to buy our wine at the LCBO. Great store - not cheap.]

We are always walking the aisles, even the vintage section trying to discover the latest, greatest and economical bottle of wine.

Here’s what we have found for great value and it’s under $10.


It’s called Beso De Vino and it is from Spain. The wine is a blend of Syrah and Garnacha. It’s a nice drinkable wine…the best part, it’s very affordable.

Drink Up!

Simply Yours,


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