Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend Getaways

I love quick weekend getaways. We spent the Civic long weekend in Montreal visiting my in-laws. The drive is long but worth it since the visit was very nice. Montreal is a lovely city. Our Angels begged us to go and visit their grandparents. They too love escaping the city and spicing things up. A fun time was had by all. We had a wonderful dinner one night with old friends, we spent one day on the sailboat swimming and tanning, and we visited Costco one morning for our vacation beer run. We love how cheap beer is in Quebec. Get with it already, Ontario.

I’m always amazed how fast EVERY weekend books up in the summer. Why can’t our lives be this exciting throughout the winter!?!

I took a quick look at our calendar to see when we are free to have friends and neighbours over for a bbq. Damn – there is not a single weekend open right now. Between friends’ parties, sleepovers, cottage trips, etc…the summer is literally flying by. Hell – it’s already August.


How is your summer shapin’ up? Are you busy too?

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