Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rub Down

I recently went for a massage in my neighbourhood. My mother graciously bought me a gift card at a salon she goes to. Thanks Mom.

When I called to make an appointment for the massage, I asked if they had a woman on staff. I was told they had a male masseur on staff. I scheduled the massage reluctantly. I don’t know why – but I’m just not comfortable with male doctors, or males giving me massages, etc… Nothing against men – it’s me.

Anyhow, the day the massage was scheduled I was on edge. I head down to my local salon and wait in the waiting room.

In walks a VERY VERY BIG man. Guess what? He’s the masseur. Even better – his name is “Vlad”. He speaks with a very thick accent.

So Vlad and I head downstairs into the basement for my massage. He tells me to get undressed and to call him – note – he actually demonstrates how to call him outside the door – he puts his hands to his mouth and says in a very thick accent, “You call me, like this, READY.” Sorry I’m laughing so hard as I type this. I don’t know why but I found this very funny. So that broke the ice.

I must preface this in saying Vlad was very professional. This is all my own neuroses. Nothing against him. Carrying on…

So the entire time Vlad was rubbing me down, he kept telling me, again in his thick accent to “RELAX”. Occasionally he would ask me, “HOW DOES IT FEEL?”

At one point he was shaking my arms and legs so much I was beginning to wonder if he was trying to add length to my petite limbs :)

The icing on the cake was at the end of the massage when he asked me to “SIT UP”. Sit up! WTF? I’ve never sat up during a N.A.K.E.D. massage before. My experience is that you roll onto your back with the sheet still covering your body. So I repeated his request, “Sit Up, really?” I grabbed the sheet so hard to cover my body and sat up. He did some strange neck extension thing, whatever and then asked again, “HOW DOES IT FEEL?” He walked out the room leaving me to change.

What did I do?…

I burst out laughing. Let’s just say, I’m over the whole nervous feeling about getting a massage done by a man. It was different, it was funny and I felt great the rest of the day.

Thanks, Vlad. You the man!

Simply Yours,


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Marsha August 2, 2012 at 4:12 pm

Well if you didn’t enjoy the massage … it gave you some good material for your blog!!!! :)


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