Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Playhouse Adventures

My dad is the best (thanks for the idea, mom). Really! He worked so hard to build my Angels their own mini cottage. I’m actually envious. I never had this when I was a kid.

The playhouse is at my parents’ home which was the family cottage. We love the cottage. Like – LOVE THE COTTAGE. So do our Angels.

This past spring and summer my dad spent countless hours building this masterpiece from scratch. It’s still a work in progress. There’s a small railing still to go around the outside of the house.

The house still needs a door. This is essentially so the Angels will actually play in the darn thing. You see – they are girls – and bugs, well…I’ll let you figure that one out. And yes, it usually involves a lot of screaming.

The inside still needs to be polished with lighting and trim work. Even without all that done, it still looks way amazing.

The Angels asked their Papa if he was planning on installing air-conditioning. Yes – I have 2 little divas :)

My contribution was making gingham curtains for the windows. Tres cute, non? Clearly, I got the easy job.

Would you play in the house?

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