Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nature Moments

The Husband and I took the Angels to visit Edwards Garden in Toronto before vacation. Such a nice place to walk around and take in nature.

The Angels loved running around checking out all the flowers. Angel #1 was particularly interested in the vegetables kids’ have planted there.

I believe they have a botanical program offered to young children. I hear they pick the vegetables from the garden and then cook up a lunch with them. I think they also offer many other great programs.

If you are in the Toronto area – here’s a link to check out. This may be of interest to you!

Here are some photos we captured. Believe it or I took all of the photos except for 1 – the log with the ant. I sat on this log and Angel # 1 told me ants were coming out of the holes. I screamed and jumped up thinking ants climbed in my butt.

The best part – it didn’t cost us a cent :)

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