Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Favourites: Damages

Happy Friday all. Hope you enjoyed a great week. Do you have plans for this coming weekend? If not, I’d suggest tuning in to the TV series, Damages.

The Husband and I are so excited the fifth and final season of Damages is currently on air. We LOVE this show.

The series centres around a brilliant and cunning lawyer played by Glenn Close. She is incredible in this role – hell – she’s great in every role. Close makes an awesome villain. And, that’s exactly the role she takes in this show.

Each season features a major case that Close and her law firm take on. She has a protege named Ellen who is played by Rose Byrne. The dynamic between these two characters is unbelievable. They each try and outsmart the other. They are pitted against one another throughout all five seasons even though they initially start out on the same side of the law (allegedly).

These women are wicked. They are smart characters. They are driven and they are awesome to watch in action.

I love how every season showcases present day scenes and then the story unfolds through a series of flashback sequences. There are so many plot twists, its layered and so thrilling to see.

I honestly can’t say a bad thing about the show. It’s fantastic. I thank my in-laws for recommending it. I’ve now got my parents hooked. It’s WELL WORTH THE WATCH.

I love smart television and this one definitely lives up it – evidenced by Golden Globe & Emmy wins.

Tell me what you think?

Enjoy the long weekend – see you back here Monday bright and early.

Simply Yours,


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Laurence (Marseillan) August 6, 2012 at 8:06 am

Stephane and I love this show, discovered series one on DVD last winter and will be buying the following seasons for pigging out in London in January (toasted buttered crumpets and hot chocolate on the side).


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