Thursday, July 12, 2012

My New Boyfriends

Remember this post where I talked about all my celebrity boyfriends. You know the ones, the ones that I have a serious hard-on for?

Well my list is growing. I have a couple more I’d like to add. My list is always changing. My celebrity boyfriends are always on rotation.

Have you heard of Wilson Bethel? Well – that’s because you haven’t tuned in to Hart of Dixie. Why not? Super cute show with super cute clothes.

Anyhow, he’s a total babe – especially when he’s shirtless. I love the onscreen chemistry he shares with Rachel Bilson.

I also need to mention the name Joel Kinnaman. Do you watch The Killing? Again, why not? Great who-dun-it show. Disturbing yes – but very gritty, dark and well written.

Kinnaman plays one of the lead characters in the show. Trust me when I say – he’s not good looking in the show. He’s a great actor but I would have never thought him hot until….I saw him in a celebrity magazine all dolled up. Holy crap! I did a double take…seriously! I had no idea under that hoodie and big baggy jeans, was a gorgeous modelesque man.


Check out these 2 shows if you haven’t already…even if it’s just for the eye candy.

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