Thursday, July 5, 2012

Love Notes

Lately Angel # 1 has been leaving the Husband and I little notes around the house. She usually likes to deliver these notes when it’s well past her bedtime.

It’s hard to stay mad at her. It’s so cute – she’s slips them under our bedroom door for us to find. The Husband and I just love reading them. I’ve even kept a few as keepsakes for later. They are very sweet and thoughtful and are bound to put a smile on our faces.

So I started to leave Angel # 1 notes occasionally in her lunch box. I thought she would be embarrassed but lucky for me she said they were nice to read.

Kids are so smart. It’s amazing what they come up with. In fact, Angel # 1 had a brilliant idea the other week. The Husband and I are finding it more and more difficult to remember all of her childhood funny stories (sorry – thank god for scrapbooks). So Angel # 1 suggested that we start keeping a notebook of our silly stories so we can look back at them later for a laugh.

Isn’t that great? I should listen to my Angels more often! They are an inspiration for a lot of my blog posts.

Here’s a story to get a laugh out of you…

When I was pregnant with Angel # 2, I took Angel # 1 to Starbucks to get her out of the house. I had to plan every hour of the day. The Husband was working crazy hours and my days were feeling SUPER long. So we headed out for an adventure. Or more like an embarrassing adventure for me.

While in the busy Starbucks line-up (and when I say BUSY, I mean it), Angel # 1 decides to blurt out, “My daddy has a tail and a penis”. That’s right, folks. Right there in the line-up my daughter decides to talk about male genitalia. I was mortified. Not because she had used the P-word but because I didn’t want people in line to think the Husband had 2 of them. So what do I do, “No sweetie, daddy just has a penis.” I said this while looking directly at the man standing behind me in line.

Laugh, it’s funny! Any silly stories to share?

Simply Yours,


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