Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kid Free

The Husband and I are FREE. Kid free that is. Lucky for us – my parents decided they would take the kids for the week up at the cottage. They’ve enrolled them in art camp for the week.

The Husband and I are having a staycation at home this week. We are both still working but managing to schedule in some much needed time together.

It’s amazing how refreshed you can feel after spending time away from your kids. Honestly, the house is so quiet. I’m loving it :)

As for the time, well it’s flying by. I can’t seem to schedule everything in that I want done before we head back up north to pick up my little Angels.

We have dinner plans tonight with friends we haven’t seen in over a year. Long overdue!!

I hope we get at least 1 more dinner out at a fancy restaurant this week. We rarely get to dine kid-free. Where to go? Where to go?

I’ve got a pedicure schedule. I tried to convince the Husband to join me – he put his foot down (pun intended) and told me, “Absolutely no FREAKIN’ WAY am I going to do that. I remember the last time you signed me up for some spa treatment. All I can remember is getting my ass sprayed by a firehose”. Clearly I’ve scarred him. And no, it wasn’t really a firehouse. BTW – I loved that weekend away at St Anne’s Spa. Apparently he begs to differ :)

I also have a massage scheduled. My mom spoiled me a while back with a gift certificate that I’ve been holding off using. I think I can let my guard down with the kids away and enjoy a well deserved massage. {Update: Had to reschedule this for the following week – bummer.} That’s okay, I also want to go to the mall and wander around with no time constraints. I never get to do that!!

Other than that, regular housekeeping duties to tend to, etc…

What are you doing this week?

Simply Yours,


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