Thursday, July 19, 2012

Grocery Store Frustrations

Last week I was in a huge hurry to get some grocery shopping done before heading into work and then leaving for the cottage. I woke up super early and left the house at 8am. I arrived at my “staple” grocery store in the hood and forgot that they open at 8:30am. Being impatient like I am, I turned the car around and headed to another grocery store in my hood. (We have many).

I was excited at first. I thought – wow – a more expensive grocery store has got to be better than the cheapie one I go to. Their hours are so much better…they open around 7am. You don’t require a quarter to get a cart. I thought I’m really stepping up in the world.

Well – O.M.G – I hated it. Like really hated it. Not only did I find the prices ridiculous, I couldn’t find a damn thing. I must have walked up and down the aisles 3 times looking for what I needed.

Do you find yourself frustrated when you change the grocery routine? I did that morning. I was all smiles until I started shopping.

Who wants to pay $3 for a small bottle of bleach – really!?! I can get mine for just over $1 for a generic bleach brand at my cheapie store. Why would I overpay for BLEACH?

I used to love grocery shopping so much before kids. I would calmly walk the aisles and take my time – stopping to smell the roses if you will. After kids – forget it. I practically live at the grocery store. They should reserve a room in the back for me. I’m there so many times in a week I’ve lost count.

Now when I head in to a grocery store, I want to be in and out. I want to JUST GETTER DONE. I prefer shopping without the Angels. But if they need to come to the store with me, you’ll be sure to recognize me. I’ll be the one with the cart full of half-emptied crackers or cookies. That’s right, I’ve been known to bribe my Angels with food.

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